Comicster is a free Windows program designed to catalog your comic books. It stores information about publishers, trade-paperbacks, titles, individual issues, characters and creators.

Download Comicster Now!

Comicster requires version 4 of the .NET Framework, which will be installed if you don't already have it. Updates to Comicster will be downloaded and applied automatically as they're made available.


Collection Folders

Windows-Explorer-like interface allows you to create your own folder hierarchy to categorize your comics.

Cross References

Cross-referencing system - browse around your collection by clicking on character names, issue numbers, creators etc.

Issue and Character Images

Store image URLs for each issue and for characters.

Publisher and Creator URLs

Store web-site URLs for publishers and creators.

Online Catalogs

Search the online catalog for details of your comics.

Custom Skins

Skin system allows you to customize the look-and-feel of the display panel using XAML.

Comicster is licensed under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL). My hope is that you enjoy using Comicster, and/or learn something from its source code.